Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alabama the Beautiful

I have stumbled upon a new concept: Cross that bridge when you come to it. (Anxiety doesn't help a thing.)

I had a mini adventure yesterday! I drove 4 hours to Huntsville, AL from my home in GA. I've never driven that far by myself before, and, because I ended up missing so many of the turns the GPS prescribed for me, I ended up driving on more or less back roads through small towns with strange names. I drove past the Talladaga speedway track, through a place called Rainbow City, through two National Parks, over many, many lakes. and the Tennessee River. I passed a large, black sign with fire on it that said, "All sinners have their place in HELL. Revelation 21:8" On the side it said, "Whoremongers, Divorce, Television." I had to laugh. I saw another church sign that said, "God's not mad at you, no matter what." I wish that I had seen these two signs right next to each other.

I stopped by the side of the road in a town called Attalla because I saw a trailer advertising boiled and roasted peanuts and fried pies. I knew that Dad would shoot me for passing up a fried pie, so I pulled over and stepped inside the trailer, just a little wary because I'm a 20-something girl traveling alone. No need to worry, though, because the one customer inside and the old gentleman selling the good were both kind Southern men. I walked in on this conversation:
"And how much is this bag of peanuts?"
"That big one's $15."
"Ah. I see I'm $3 short."
"That's all right. You can pay me later. You live nearby, don't ya?"
"Naw, I live on the south side."
"Well, no problem. I trust ya."
Then the customer ushered me into the small "store" and let me try one of the sweet pecans he had just bought. When it was my turn to order, I asked for a peach fried pie and a small bag of those Cajun spiced walnuts. The vendor chatted with me the whole time and asked if I would be eating the pie soon so that he could warm it up in the microwave for me. The first customer came back in, and I asked him to try one of my walnuts. They're all right, he says. When I was paying for my food, I mentioned to the vendor that I was traveling from GA to Huntsville. He tells me to be careful driving, it is Spring Break time, after all, and there are lots of crazy people driving all around. I told him that I'd be careful. He explained himself a bit more (I think he might have thought that I Was just brushing off his warning), and said that he tells his daughter the same thing. With smiles all around, I departed, snapped a picture of the place, and headed on.

It was a lovely drive with my sunglasses, my music, and the windows down nearly the entire time. The sunset was beautiful, and I almost swerved off the road a few times because I was staring at it too long. Alabama really is beautiful, and I found myself thinking that I like the South much more than I let on. I should let on.

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  1. I almost drive into ditches because I am staring at sunsets/birdies/pretty clouds too. ;)


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