Thursday, May 6, 2010

SR.T-2'10 (Senior Trip 2010)

Road Trip: Jacksonville, Fla.

Hours driving: 20 hours

Status: Complete

Traveling companions: Millie, Sweeny, Bogle, Davis, Nate Rogers, and Casey B (who didn't make the return trip)

Roommates: Millie, Yates, and Ali Ibsen

Response: Wow, that went by quickly.  I haven't gotten to spend that much time at the beach in a very, very long time.  (The water at my Puerto Rico beach was so much cleaner.)  I love my friends! 

Collected inside jokes:  "Her subtle hints just get in your mind and, before you know it, you're thinking, I want to be a prostitute, just like !"  "Bad boy, so bad boy."  "If you come outside, I'll give you the rest of my drink,  It's coconut rum..."  "Naiveté?"  "What's your favorite long noodle? - Well, I like white sauce better than red sauce..."  "C'mon, it's Cinco de Mayo!"  "There's barnacles under that pier!"  "Dive, Nate, dive!"  "It's a popular dance move.  I saw it on tv once."  "I don't know this move, maybe if you could describe it to me verbally. - It was like a cobra..."

Favorite memories: Finding a live starfish in a tide pool.  Being rescued from drunk guys in the hotel by our strong and intimidating Bryan men.  Shopping with the roommates for 3 hours.  Seafood and gator tail at Beachside.  Dance party at Hamrick's.  Other smaller dance parties in the room.  Wonderful reflection talks after the banquet.  Riding the waves.  Being at the ocean again.

Least favorite memories:  Needing to be rescued from drunk guys in the hotel by our strong and intimidating Bryan men.  Brief embarrassment at the dance party.  Getting sunburned the first day on the beach.

Something old: Friends from the old days!  We got a "remaining Huston third" picture, and I got to hang out with a lot of friends I've had around for a while.

Something new:  Gator tail; never had that before.

Something borrowed:  Millie's Harry Potter book.

Something blue: Well definitely not the ocean; that was more of a sandy brown color...  Blue is the color of the stripes on a shirt I bought.

Lasting impression:  What a great closure for my career at Bryan, eh?  Good friends, good times, great laughs, and mediocre tan.  It was wonderful to be with so many of my favorite people and to not have to worry about the restrictions college and dorm life brings.  Now to pack up my dorm room, head home for a day, then live out of a suitcase for two more weeks in Europe!

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