Monday, July 12, 2010

Alabama Road Trip

They ask me, "Have you always been such a soccer fan, Lindsay?"  My friends say, "No, Linja just likes anything competitive, especially international sports."  For those of you who, like me, don't know what to do with all of your free time, now that the World Cup finals won't be on for another four years, here's an article to help you through it, How to Cope With the End of the World Cup.  Also, because I know you want one almost as badly as I do, you can order your own vuvuzela here online!  In the meantime, feel free to brush up on your Brazilian football traditions to start gearing up for World Cup 2014 in Rio de Janero!  I'll see you there.

Road Trip: (#5 this summer.  I'm about to put a limit on how many times I can least the Eastern Standard Time zone per season.)  Alabama Road Trip to see Molly and Sutton get married (I was a bridesmaid) and to spend some time with the guts @ Devon's house!

Hours driving: Total of about 11 hours.  I took 40 minutes longer than I needed to take on the way back home.  See below the prescribed route on the left, and the route I ended up accidentally-ish taking on the right.  I've driven to Huntsville before from Georgia, and the back roads I took were beautiful.  They're downright sinister in the dark at midnight.  I would go for miles and not meet a car.  I would guess I saw one every 5-7 minutes those last 2 hours of the drive.  At one point, my two lane road got narrowed down to one very narrow lane and then, all of a sudden, I was on a very high bridge over the Tennessee River.  No warning or anything, just deep, vacant black space all around me and menacing steel surrounding me and my '98 Explorer.  Yikes. 

Image from Google maps
Traveling companions: I drove by myself to and from Alabama, but had a car full once I got there.  I had the pleasure of driving lots of different great girls from my Bryan circles and got to chat it up with some of my closest friends.

Roommates: Lots of girls, different groups each night.

Initial Response(s): Seriously, I'm ready to not drive long distances for a while now.  But I'm so glad I went!  Seeing Molly married and knowing she's happy with the man God's prepared for her makes me very, very pleased.  Seeing all my other friends, too, was absolutely awesome and something that I really needed.

Collected inside jokes: "You mean he's not the entertainment?"

Thank you for taking my picture, random passerby!
Favorite memories: Just the whole weekend.  Laughter, smiles, pictures, dresses, flowers, nail polish, Chick-fil-A (free because I wore a cow shirt on "Cow Appreciation Day"), Gpses, A Very Potter Musical quotes, Vuvuzelas, Spain becoming the new world football champions, Bible study with Devon, talking with Mrs. Susan, all good.  All good.

Least favorite memories: I made a wrong turn on the creepy way back home in the Alabama night.  The road I turned onto led directly to a Lusk Animal Clinic.  It was sketchy poured straight from the bottle.  I also passed a Hog Liver Rd.  That was just weird.

Something old: My SUV is about 12 years old, and she's still going strong.  Her name is Marahute like the gold eagle in Rescuers Down Under.  : )

Something new: The McDonald's mocha frappe is new to me, and I deem it delicious and great company for a 3 hour ride home at night.

Something borrowed: The only thing I can think of that I borrowed the whole weekend was Katie's brush when I couldn't find mine and needed to dry my hair.  No wait!  I remember that I borrowed Bogle's Gps from my trip to MN for Erin's wedding. I was able to give it back to him the other day when he came to Molly's wedding.

Something blue: Our bridesmaid dresses were a soft blue (David's Bridal calls it capri), and our bouquets had blue hydrangeas in them.  They were very cute and simple and they perfectly suited Molly's adorable personality.

Lasting impression: Well, I could just copy and paste everything from the "Initial Response(s)" section, but I also want to say that I'm excited to have my own wedding one day and to have all of my friends be there to support me and to celebrate with me.  It was great and fulfilling to be able to do that for Molly, and I know she really appreciates it.  I also know that she's having an awesome time being married for the first days of her life, and that's pretty stellar.  I do miss my friends that I left already, and I can't wait till I can see them again.
Photo by myself

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  1. Hurray! That sounds like a pretty super trip, besides your creepy detour. I like your cow shirt, and I wish that I had known about the occasion and taken advantage of it :)


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