Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bryan College: The years have closed around me

All of my friends still at my Alma Mater began classes today.  Their facebook statuses have been buzzing about going back to school for a week or more.  I feel inspired to make a list of what Bryan College has done for me.

Bryan College...
  • introduced me to more friends than I could ever really keep up with.
  • reformed my theology.
  • arranged my first boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.
  • picked me up when that relationship broke.
  • sparked my creativity in the kitchen.  Eating in a cafeteria necessitates such things.  (And, boy were those sandwiches deluxe!)
  • helped me finally understand the importance and the beauty of "girl time."
  • introduced me to Harry Potter!
  • helped me value my own quirks.
  • showed me that soccer is worth being celebrated.

Bryan College class of 2010 SGA
Celebrating soccer at the biggest game of the year
  • showed me how much I love dancing.
  • taught me how to improvise in music, especially on the violin.
  • defined community.
  • revealed one of my vices: wedding websites.  Mom has helped me understand that "wedding websites are of the devil. [...] they make you waste time and make you feel like you're missing out on something."  Point noted.
  • gave me an appreciation for good speakers.
  • developed an appreciation in me for all fields of study.  I had friends in each major, after all.  Learning to respect the people involved in the major led me to respect the major itself.
  • taught me to not expect fun mail in the mailbox.
  • taught me about worldview and its importance.
  • proved that it's awesome to be ridiculous during homecoming week.  It's so much more fun to be one of the crazies who goes all out with dressing up.  (Kirsten Meberg, you're my hero!)
Bryan College class of 2010
Dressed up as the Spice Girls.  Oh yeah.  (I'm Scary Spice in the middle, and, yes, I'm wearing velvet leopard-print pants.)

Bryan College class of 2010
Snow really is a big deal!
    Writing a paper about zombies and rhetoric : Lindsay Eryn
  • allowed me to experience my first all-nighter, along with the other 14-ish of them.
  • solidified my notion that snow is a big deal.
  • introduced me to the wonderful world of sharing clothes!
  • inspired me to be more interested in fashion.
  • taught me that it's ok to put all of your different colored clothes in the washer together, as long as they aren't new.
  • gave me the opportunity to give a report on the zombie apocalypse.
  • made me appreciate being able to dress like a bum (or worse) because, hey, we're at college, we all want more sleep, so sometimes we just don't care about how we look in the morning.
  • made me appreciate getting dolled up.
  • showed me that I don't just enjoy being organized, I actually enjoy clerical and administrative work, and, guess what!  People pay you to do that if you work for them!
  • revealed that I'm confrontational in that I don't mind addressing an issue that needs to be addressed, especially when others would rather leave the issue alone.
  • entrusted me with life-long best friends like I've never had before.
  • introduced me to the PCA.
  • introduced me to the brilliance of Malcom Gladwell.
  • introduced me to half.com in all its money-saving glory.
  • let me explore the worlds of acting and vocal performance.
  • gave me experiences that made me highly value grace.
  • left me with a strand of purple Christmas lights I don't really want anymore.
    Bryan College prank on Huston Third
    Pranked.  At 2 in the morning.
  • blessed me with a new nickname: Linja.  Yeah, it's like "Ninja," but with an "L."  Good times.
  • gave me plenty of speaking opportunities, most of them in class for project reports.
  • gave me my first experience cutting hair (my own and a couple guys').
  • gave me my first real experience with pranks, being on both ends of them. 
  • left me with the story about how my class SGA and I built a friggin' tree!
  • showed me how not to deal with conflict.
  • showed me the value of bobby pins and some good hairspray.
These are just some of what Bryan College has blessed me with.  I truly am so thankful for my time there and what I've gained.  Most of all, I'm thankful for my friends.  ...and I learned a lot in my classes, too.  :)

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