Saturday, September 25, 2010

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If you're like me, you've probably been in love with the Batmobile at one time or another.  Some people have decided to make their own.  Awesome!

Here's a bit of a vintage fix.  First, a Popular Science bit from August 1925 about futuristic cities.  Second, "Tips for Single Dames" from February 1938 about how to act on a date.  Terribly sexist, but amusing.  This one's my "favorite:"

Yes, ladies, because a date is all about giving the man what he wants.
Image: selection from Slightly Warped

That story from NotAlwaysRight.com has 17,639 thumbs up.  The second most popular I've yet to see had 7,000-something.
Every (Bad) Crowd Has A Silver Lining
College Cafeteria | Kansas, USA
(When I was in college, I used to work in the cafeteria. On this day, two girls are making fun of a third.)
Mean Girl #1: “Oooooh, a hamburger? So much for that diet.”
Mean Girl #2: “Are you kidding? She’s never been on a diet in her life!”
(The third girl who they are talking to is, for the record, very nice looking.)
Girl #3: *taken aback* “I…I worked out today. I need the protein.”
Me: “Come on, leave her alone. She can eat whatever she wants!”
Mean Girl #1: “Yeah, I guess you don’t have to worry about what you eat if you’re already fat and ugly!”
(One of my coworkers has been listening from a distance. He walks over, looks all three girls up and down, and then turns to the third.)
Coworker: “Excuse me, miss, but do you think I could get your phone number?”
Girl #3: “Are you serious?”
Coworker: “Completely! Who wouldn’t want a date with a beautiful girl who knows how to take care of herself?”
(This was five years ago. I’m going to be the best man at their wedding.)
That story has 17,639 thumbs up.  The second most popular I've yet to see had 7,000-something.

I don't work at a clothing store, but I do work in retail, and that's enough to make me feel some pain when I read this comic strip.  It's totally funny but totally not.

A shark headband?!  Awesome!
For sale by Lindsayharmony on Etsy
Here's your Green Spot!  This one's super cool!  At GardenPool.org, you can see how a family has become self-sustainable by turning their pool into a garden for fruits and herbs, a coop for chickens, and a pond for tilapia!  Watch the short video explaining it all.  So radical!

Another funny retail comic strip.  I can totally resonate with this.

This is an aerial view of ruins of the medieval city of Shali, Egypt.  I really, really want to go exploring there now.
Image via JT Irregulars
As I've mentioned, I've been reading Captivating by the Eldredges (so good).  Therefore, I'm a little more keen to the very real onslaught against women and their precious femininity.  This article seems aware, too.

And, I'd like to save the best for last.  One of my friends wrote a post about worry.  It's very pertinent to where I am in faith, in time, in the work force, etc.  It'll probably speak to you, too, so I encourage you to check it out.

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