Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beauty in nature

Look at how beautiful this is!!

(Desktop background all the way!)
via  Photosight.ru

What are some of the most beautiful sights you've seen?


I knew my college days would be preparing me for something.  Three times this week, I will be working 4am - 2pm on some big changes the store needs.  I got so much practice with all-nighters during those four years, I'm hoping this will be a breeze.  If not, I have next weekend with my newly engaged BFF Millie, Harry Potter 7, and a friend's wedding to look forward to.  (That will be three days off in a row!)  I'll have to let you know how it goes.


  1. Yep, Gorgeous.

    I love the view of the city lights when you drive down Lookout Mountain at night :)

    I hope your early mornings go by painlessly!

  2. That is the kind of scene where I picture you sitting happily on the ground.

    One one hand, it sucks that you have to work horrible hours. On the other hand, it's cool that they trust you with that tough shift.

    And then, Harry Potter, Red Vines, and lots of good laughter!


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