Wednesday, December 15, 2010


All right, hear goes:  I'm secretly in love with steampunk.

That's right.  I am enamored by the brass, the leather, the time travel, the dirt, the warmth, the adventure, the different.  It's exciting.  This trend can go farther down the spectrum to the macabre with crows and bones, but I'll keep to the metals, leather, and glass.

It reminds me of the recent Sherlock Homes movie.  While I was watching it for the first time in the theater, I was drawn in, not just by the plot and the acting, but by the spectacle.  I remember talking about the set and the colors afterward.

Image via MPoster.com

I would totally dress like Irene Adler if it was socially accepted.  In fact, here's a set of outfit collections inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Image via Sherlock-holmes-trailer

It reminds me of City of Ember.  It follows two young 'uns who are trying to escape from where they live underground with the rest of the surviving human race.  There's a lot of dim lamps, cogs, and gears.

Image via Imp Awards
It has really cool music, too!
It reminds me of Firefly, the best tv show to never make it to the end of its first season.  It tells the stories of a transport ship's crew in outer space.  It's like cowboys meets Japan, and it's awesome.

Image via Thinkforyourself
There's a movie, too, Serenity, and it has Great music.

Many Steampunk Things!
Top right going clockwise: Butterfly necklace, Time travel image, Custom laptop via Wired.com, Swallow key necklace, (directly below prev.) Lantern top hat, iPod dock, Winged clockwork necklace, Brass cuff, Hot air balloon illustration, Time travel goggles, (directly above prev.) Custom USB drive, Desk lantern, Floor globe via Polyvore, Custom USB drive
(All via Etsy besides the two indicated otherwise)

Image: Jake von Slatt
via Steampunkworkshop
If you'd like to make your own steampunk computer, you can find instructions for a super tricked out one here!  It's got vintage, rustic, mechanical, and mystery all rolled into one beautiful machine.  I love the warm, spiced amber colors.  I'm imagining the smell of copper, er, how it must smell based on how it tastes.  There's also cinnamon and hot tea and warmth coming from the fire against the wall with chill coming from the rickety windows along with sounds of the carriages from the busy streets below.  (I am such a nerd.)

From the article, "The Allure of Steampunk"
 I know I'm not the only one who likes steampunk (see my future buddies there on the left), but I haven't seen anyone in real life sporting any of these things.  I reckon that this obsession is one that  people keep mostly to themselves, anyway.    Maybe, when I go to Comic Con, I'll dress up like this.
While steampunk may not be appreciated by everyone, and it certainly isn't mainstream, you gotta admit at least one thing, these two wedding cakes are stinkin' beautiful.

Cake from Mike's Amazing Cakes
Image: Libby Bulloff via GreatWhiteShark

Cake by Karen Collins of Babycakes via Neatorama via Steampunkworkshop


  1. My boyfriend totally loves steampunk. I have always had an admiration for it as well. I love a lot of the elements of it. So cool :)


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