Wednesday, December 22, 2010


December 22: First day of winter
I love scarves, but I don't think I was made for the cold weather.  I wanted it to be spring again three weeks ago!

Here are some things winter makes me think of.
Crisp blues and whites
via Softsia
Egg nog
via Epicurious
via Musikktrollet
Red berries
Justin Gallagher via Opticdistraction

Snowy owls
via BCSEngage

Peppermint bark
via Dying For Chocolate
The Biltmore House
via Examiner
Snow-laden trees
Peter Essick via National Geographic
Paper snowflakes (I consider myself pretty good with a pair of scissors, but I didn't make these ones.)
via Instructables
Caribou and the like
Alaska Stock Images via National Geographic

Delicious warm drinks that smell like heaven
Selection of Caribou Coffee
And snuggling by the fire.  (My favorite picture's here.)

I also think of the song "Ice and Snow" from The Spitfire Grill.  Here's a 30 second clip you can listen to, or here's the Korean cast performing it onstage.  They sound great, and I'm reluctant to show you the English version here, but at least you'll be sure to understand it.  (When Bryan College performed this show in 2008, the cast did a fantastic job.  For one thing, Shelby wasn't annoying.  In fact, the show is really delightful and redemptive.  Do see it if ever you have the chance.)

I hope your winter is wonderful!  Stay warm.

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  1. That red coat is gorgeous!! I love it!! Hot chocolate is one of my favorite things about winter. Mmmm hot chocolate... =)


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