Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello again, friends!

I took a week-long break form the internet, just to prove to myself that the wireless world will still turn without me.  I wanted to spend more time with my family, reading (Bible and others), and playing piano.  Nothing climactic happened, but I did see Inception which was pretty cool.  I also learned that the internet sure as heck isn't the only thing I waste my time on.  I have since removed all the games from my iPod.

I'll be filling you in on some of the things I did do this week bit by bit.  I will tell you now that I finally saw Inception!  Oh man, guys, that is one awesome movie!  So glad I finally saw it!  Can't wait to see it again!


I enjoy the outdoors.  This one autumn day my freshman year of college, I found a pretty leaf on the ground and decided to bring it inside.  In fact, I decided to bring many leaves inside.  My roommate's suspicions of my peculiarity were magnified when she came home that day and found a forest taped to our door.

When winter came, I exchanged the fall leaves for juniper sprigs.  The evergreens added a nice, cozy vibe to the hall, I thought.  The next year I cut English ivy for our door posts in the winter and then brought in honeysuckle vines when spring came.  Senior year I'd not only brought in three potted plants (and I was trying to grow an avocado seed, too), but I brought in a whole tree.  A dead one, and a small one, but we had a tree in our room for a week or two.

So I'm all out of college, and I have no roommate, and this is what my room looks like now.

Decorating with dead trees : Lindsay Eryn


  1. I would like a tree in my room!
    I don't think Britney would protest.
    I'm going to go find a tree now.

  2. Glad to have you back!! You were missed!

  3. Gosh... I miss our plans of a tree in our awesome bachlorette pad. I'm so glad you have a tree in your room. I want to come see it. And you.


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