Saturday, March 19, 2011

And also The Beatles

A gentleman needed a fax today.  After completing the fax and his transaction, he asked if he could get a copy of his receipt.
"Do I owe you for that?"
"Yes, I'm afraid.  Ten cents.  Well, eleven cents with tax."
"Yep, we're still cleanin' up Obama's mess..."
"Well, we still had taxes before Obama."
"But we weren't in mountains of debt just in the first week of presidency!  I never voted a day in my life before Obama when I voted against him.  And he's a Muslim.  He's not a Christian, I can guarantee.  And Muslim is just another name for the devil.  For idolatry.  It's evil.  And if you want to see for yourself, just wait for the end time."
I stood and listened and smiled.  He walked away when he finished, but he came back.
"And Jesus' name is Christ.  It's not Allah or Muhammad.  The Bible says that.  The Bible doesn't say Muslim, it says Christianity.  Just felt like I should say that."
It was interesting.  It's especially interesting being evangelized to.  I've never enjoyed it.  It makes me feel just a little condescended to.  I do appreciate people's passion and heart, though, when they tell me about Jesus.  I'd rather talk to them about Him, though, instead of being told about him.


Mr. Gene calls me Leslie half the time.  At first I thought it happened only on the phone, but, when I stopped by to pick up some of his writings today, he called me Leslie in person for the the time.
 Again, I say, "Hm."


This picture (Thank you, Netherlands via Wikipedia) makes me really happy.  I'm not as huge a Beatles fan as Davis is, but we have our moments.  My favorites are "Come Together," "A Day In a Life," and "Hey, Jude."

Sometime last year, I got to hear clips of a Playboy interview with John Lennon taken shortly before he died.  He was inspiring.  I wish I could have gotten to know more of who he was.  No, nothing's stopping me from getting to know him now, but I wish he was still alive so we could get to know more of him.

Well, that's unrelated to anything else, but it's on my mind, so it's on the blog.  Happy weekend, friends!

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