Friday, March 18, 2011

Sister love

My sister and I are 18 and 22, respectively.  Sometimes we both act like we're 12.

I dropped her off at a babysitting job yesterday afternoon, but we found that the family was running late, so we sat down on the curb in the sun and talked at we waited.  I was staring at the gravel between my feet, and I noticed a small piece of pretty light green.  I picked it up and held it out for Taylor to see.

"See?  Look, it's a pretty," I said.
"Yes, it is!"
"What am I gonna do with it?"
"I dunno.  Eat it."
"That's a great idea.  'When I was little, my sister made me eat glass.'  'When was that?'  'Yesterday.'"
"Nice.  So what are we gonna to with it?"
"I dunno.  I've got duct tape."
"Ok.  Gimme some duct tape."
"And tape it to your steering wheel."

I now have a silvery square of duct tape on the front of my steering wheel.  There's a small mountain in the middle of it where the pretty lies.

Taylor and I with our dog, Cosmo, in Puerto Rico.  We were about 4 and 8 here, I think.

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  1. I love that photo.
    And I love rocks, too! I have a collection :)


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