Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm so sorry I missed yesterday, the first day of spring, but here's what spring means to me!

Dying Easter eggs
I SO want to try this leaf idea!  Click the link below for the DIY tutorial!
Image via Family Fun
Bright and happy daffodils (my favorite flower)
Image by Polly Wreford via Bridal Banter from Dexknows Weddings

Going to Devon's in Huntsville for Easter weekend
It's a wonderful tradition we started sophomore year, I believe.  Junior year, we had hail and we hid in a closet from a tornado for a good while.  It's always an absolute blast complete with resurrection rolls and egg hunts.
Image by Mrs. Susan Spacek
Happy sunshine and matching clothing like this yellow skirt!
Image via Anthropologie

Easy breezy outfits with soft colors
Image is a collection by Viva la Vida via Polyvore
via Net-a-porter, AE, Eruca, Dorothy Perkins, Luckybrandjeans, and Luckybrand

bluebird vs spider
Bluebirds and their bugs
Bluebird vs. spider by picturesinlylife_yls via Flickr

Rainy weather, puddles, and the umbrellas, rain boots, and rain slickers that go with them
I took this one two springs ago in front of Huston at Bryan College
(Thanks to Phillip Meznar and Natalie McGee for standing out in the rain for me.)

Flowering dogwood trees!
I just noticed a few minutes ago that ours are blooming.  :)
Image by Rebekah Gonzalez via ehow.com via Fotolia.com

 Because spring brings warm weather (sometimes very warm weather), my ideas of spring melt very easily with my ideas of summer.  These next ones are evidence of that.

Wearing sandals!  Preferably these ones.
I took this picture of my Chacos with my camera phone last month.  Nothing spectacular besides the shoes themselves.

Reading in the sun (preferably Harry Potter and preferably with Millie)
Picture taken by I don't remember last spring who in the Triangle at Bryan College
Green grass everywhere!
Image by Kevin B. Bullard via WhyMarriageWorks
Smoothies and other delicious and cold drinks
Dad will make us smoothies for breakfast sometimes.  It's always delightful.
Image posted by Guru on FitnessGuruNYC

Add all those many events that happen in the spring (St. Patrick's Day, graduations, and the many spring events Bryan College had that we got all glammed up for), and there you have it!  I could have put up many, many more pictures of all the plants and flowers that come alive in the spring, because that's what I associate most with the season, but I think you get the picture without the pictures of the crocuses, the tulips, the irises, the and the hyacinths.


  1. Wow, I love that picture of the flowers in the jars! Just a heads up, my centerpieces will look something like that ;)

  2. I love spring!

    And I love that bluebird :)


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