Friday, March 25, 2011

This is a vent post.

First of all, one of my pet peeves is when my default search engines gets changed to something different.  Google is still the most streamlined search engine, in my opinion, and it sets off some bomb inside me when the Firefox upgrade decides it knows what's best for me.  (Firefox 4.0 is also on my pet peeves list.  I have removed 4.0 and restored 3.6 within the first 15 minutes of using it.)

You can add Facebook's "upgraded" messaging system to my serious aggravations.  I don't remember agreeing to the upgrade, but one night I was surprised to see all of my threads in an absolute mess with no hope of any kind of organizational recovery.  I exploded.  Yeah, I really did.  I know it's silly of me, and I'm a little surprised at myself.  Apparently, organization and conciseness are core values I hold to with the same ferocity Marx used with communism.

That's the comparison Mom came up with when I asked her to think of someone who held very strongly to an idea.  Her example was much better than mine.  Hitler shouldn't be mentioned here.

I promise to post about happier things later, but, sometimes, when I'm my center is so jarred by something, blogging about it brings catharsis.  And so, let us come to the big deal.


Rebecca Black.

Most of us have already seen and heard the music video for her song "Friday" that went viral early last week.  Most of us thought, "Oh my goodness, this is not excellent."  It isn't.  It isn't excellent.  She never claimed to be excellent, you know.  She never even claimed to have written the song!  (Wikipedia says it's written by the producers, Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson.)  She's just thirteen, she wants to follow her passion for performance, she chose this song out of the other more mature options because it's fun and more reflective of her personality, she's just out there having fun, and she's getting bombarded with absolute shit!  Slander and hatred and foul things.  It's ridiculous!

I watched an interview with her that I want the world to see.

Pay particular attention to 2:24.

The most hurtful comments Rebecca Black recounts are things no one should EVER hear: "I hope you cut yourself, and I hope you get an eating disorder so you'll look pretty.  And I hope you go cut and die."  Rebecca's response: "I felt like this was my fault.  And I shouldn't have done this.  And this is all because of me."  That has to be such a small peek into what she has truly felt these last weeks.  How much can her young soul take?

I'm proud of this girl.  I am so glad that she hasn't given up.  From Metro.co.uk, Rebecca says, "'I decided not to give the haters the satisfaction that they got me so bad I gave up."  She's put on an extremely brave face, and she is moving forward with strength and confidence.  She's not giving up on her dreams she's worked so hard for.  She's finding the good in this upsetting time, and she's running with that good.

I wish I could tell her how much I admire her.  Thankfully, some people who are much more influential than I have given her great encouragement.  Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga have given their support, and Rebecca's taken it very excitedly.  She really does seem like a level-headed girl, and I hope she continues to pursue what's she's got.  Sure, the song is laughable and not worth much, but that doesn't mean the girl who sings it isn't worth much.

No one should be told they can't.

Gah, and it makes me so mad!  Do you know how much has been floating around the internet about cyberbullying?  About getting rid of hurting and hating on each other?  See The Self Worth Project on Facbook.  It encourages people to meet with their insecurities and to not let them hold them back.  Look at this girl's video about being bullied.  It breaks my heart.  And all the tumblrs and websites and videos about not discriminating about people of this or that subculture!  And Katy Perry's uplifting "Firework" video!  C'mon, America!  Freakin' practice what you preach!!

I want to punch someone.


Besides, this girl's got developing talent.  It wasn't showcased very well in her catchy first hit single, but this girl could totally go places.  I hope she does just so we can snub the jerks dissing her up and down.

Rebecca Black, you're something of a hero to my heart right now.  Thank you for standing by what you believe it.  I hope to always have that conviction for what's important to me.  Keep being an inspiration girl.  I hope the world shines brighter for you.

With love and hugs,

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