Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bryan College happiness

I visited one of my favorite places last week.  And, you know, Bryan College is one of my favorite places because of the people there.  I went for Charlee and Elise's recital, and I'm so very glad I went!

Here I am with the lovely ladies!

Another awesome part of the trip was getting to reconnect with all the people I love there and listening about what's been going on.

Dani told me something awesome.  She told me about a game called Predator.  Here's how you play.

One dude is the Predator (I see him as a T-Rex in my mind).  Two are his Velociraptor hunters.  Everyone else is a civilian (Brachiosauruses, perhaps?).  The civilians run and try not to get captured by the hunters who try to hold down the civilians while the predator walks (he can only walk) toward the civilian.  When the predator touches the civilian on the head, he is transformed into a hunter and he joins with the others.  The goal of the game is to be the last civilian standing.

This Sounds.  So.  Much.  Fun.

Dani told me about all the shrieking and running and chasing and scrambling and the bruises and the scratches.  Mayhem in the commons!  Bring it on!  I so want to be there next time they play!

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