Monday, April 11, 2011

Customer Stories! Part 1

This dude needed large posters copied and laminated.  It was taking a while, so we started talking.  I asked him about the posters and what they were for.  After listening to him talk about how athletics had always been a part of his life and how he's now owning a training center, I was surprised when he asked, "So what about you?"  Oh!  Me?  Well, yeah, I'm working here...  But!
I told him about Korea.  He got excited for me.  As he was leaving, he said, "Well, if I don't see you again, good luck with Korea!"  That makes me happy.

Another customer made me happy last month.  I'd been redoing copies of a church program for her that the self copiers had messed up.  I asked what the programs were for, and she later asked about myself.  She loved hearing about Korea and about the good influence I would be there.  She smiled so big and started to tear up.  She told me how it was such a good thing that I'm doing this.  I love her.


A 55 year old and a 20 year old guy came in for two pieces of furniture.  We sell large desks and bookcases and such, and they come in very large boxes.  I'm not a very strong person, but these big and heavy desk boxes are in my department, so it's my responsibility to get them to the customers' trucks when they're purchased.
There are guys who work with me, but I only feel comfortable for help from one of them.  Another had an accident in the army that has left his back completely shot.  Another was out of commission for hurting his back before, and another kinda makes himself appear too important to help with such things.  So, I often get these 70+ lb. boxes myself.
This day, I got one by myself.  I wore my body out moving the two boxes that were on top of the one I needed then getting that box onto the cart then wheeling it out to where these two dudes were waiting.  I felt exhausted, and I guess I looked it, too, because the man said, "Did you get that yourself?"  I breathlessly said yes.  This sent them into a small dialogue directed at me.
"Well aren't there any men around here?"
"Yeah, I saw one over there..."
"Gosh, don't they do anything here?"
"Obviously not."
Now, I've always taken is for granted that it's my job to get these things done, so I don't think much about it.  Well, it felt really nice to be made much of by these people who didn't know me.  All they knew was that I was a girl.  Being purely Southern (and purely men), I think this meant to them that I shouldn't have had to lift and move that big heavy thing.  In fact, we'll get this other box ourselves.
"Yes.  Really."
And they did!  The young fellow lifted it up effortlessly.
It was a beautiful thing, watching the one tilt and lift the box so I didn't have to.  They were a bit of a rough couple of guys, but they truly blessed me.

Along these same lines...
We have very heavy boxes of paper that we sell.  Big boxes of ten reams.  I have to move them all the time, and I don't like them, but moving one here or there for a customer isn't bad at all.
One lady needed help getting one of the boxes from its place on the floor to a cart to her car.  The cashier had called for help for this lady, and, those boxes being in my department, I went over to help.
"Oh," she said.  "I was expecting a man."
"Ah.  Well, ma'am, I have to work with these bad boxes every day.  I assure you I can handle them."
"Oh, I'm sure you can, dear, but you shouldn't have to.  You should make the men do that."
I've never been offended by any of these comments (and I get them a good bit).  But I found it quite humorous when I laid the box in the lady's trunk and she said, as if she really meant something, "You did that just as well as any man!"
I decided that she and I are going to burn our bras together.
Just kidding.

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