Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Customer Stories! Part 2

A gentleman wearing a yellow shirt came to the counter and asked a tad obnoxiously, "Is there a discount for wearing yellow today?"
It wouldn't be polite to tell him to just go away.
What made it better was another man walking up to the counter.  He was wearing a yellow shirt.
The first man started with the second about how the second had gotten the memo, but there wasn't any discount.  I added that, yep, it was totally unfair.
The first man almost redeemed himself by telling me every joke he knew, but his impression had already been made.  It's not all that fun to be around someone who thinks he's hilarious when he's not.


One of the things I distinctly remember from my entrance training I took three years ago was that we are not allowed to accept tips from customers.  I thought that was rather silly, mainly because I never imagined anyone would want to give me a tip for anything I'd do at work.  An elderly couple I helped two weeks ago thought differently.
They were in a small rush to get a chair, get it assembled, and get it home.  We were in a small rush, too, because we had a lot of things to get done this day.  The gentleman (who was being somewhat endearingly bear-ish instead of gentle) spoke with my manager and tried to convince him to let me make the chair.  Ok, I could make the chair, he said, but I would have to stop if any other customers came in needing help.  Before he left, the gentleman said he'd buy me dinner if I got it finished before they came back from their Cracker Barrel lunch.
I finished it in less than a half hour.  When the couple arrived to pick it up, the man shoved a $20 bill into my hand.
"No, sir, I can't take this."
"I told you dinner would be on us.  I really appreciate you doing this for me.  Go ahead."
"No, really, I'm not allowed to take it."
"Hm.  Well, where's your manager?"
The gentleman ended up talking with my manager who was outside by his car.  I caught my manager later and asked what the man had said.
"He had nice things to say, but I told him we couldn't take the money.  I told him to go online and fill out the customer service service.  That comes back to us, and I told him I could take care of you from inside the store."
Don't know if that means I'll be getting an Employee of the Month bonus, but that would be pretty groovy.  Pretty groovy indeed.

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