Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was moseying on Collegefashion.net when I saw this post about feather hair extensions.  I thought they were super cool, and I decided to put them on my 101 goals list.  After some research, I found an Etsy shop that sold them at a reasonable price, easily got my sister involved, and ordered them!

Taylor and I put them in one night during our Glee/Klondike bar date.

This is the set I bought.  (Her price has understandably gone up about $5 since I saw them first.)  I'd gotten some wild greens, purples, and blues in the batch which I wasn't too pleased with, and our hair is so dark, the black feathers weren't even considered for our extensions, but we made do very well.

I also had just gotten my new coat (which was on clearance and $20 off with a coupon!) this day and was trying it out.

They can be curled, straightened, shampooed, and whatever else.  We put these in a good month ago, and, while one eased out last week, the other is still secured with a crimp bead we pliered shut.

Sister wanted to join the fun.

Good times.

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