Thursday, April 7, 2011

Green Tea Milkshake

After being so tired yesterday, I'm a little surprised at this blogging kick I've got going.  I know this doesn't happen every time, but it's kinda cool seeing how things (blogging, in this case) get easier when you just start.

I have made Green Tea Milkshakes!

When I was online yesterday looking around at recipes (yesterday's dinner was delicious, by the way), I thought about finding a recipe for green tea milkshakes.  I found two and decided to go with this one.

I followed the recipe very well, even though I wasn't sure about the ice cubes and the sugar.  I had been tasting along the way, and I'm glad I followed through with all the instructions because the ice gave it more body and thesugar bridged the flavor gap between the tea and the vanilla ice cream.  I only used two tablespoons of sugar, though.

It was quite refreshing and a most enjoyable addition to an afternoon of sunny relaxation.

Believe it or not, next on the list is an avocado milkshake.  I'm pretty scared of this one.

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  1. That milkshake looks quite delicious! I want one now :)


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