Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have become an Etsy seller.

Near the end of my junior year of college, I came across 7 beautiful, vintage books on music education.  At the time, I was dating a musical theatre graduate who wanted to go into teaching, so I grabbed them up intending to pass them on to him.  Jump ahead two years, and you see me enjoying them as the sit on my bookshelf looking lovely.

It's very good to have things you enjoy around you, and I have grown very fond of these books that I've never read, but I need to not own them anymore.  With my upcoming move and the accompanying need to pack and ship my things, it's time to minimize.  And it's time to try and make some extra cash.


I've spent so many hours on Etsy since I was introduced early in 2009.  I've purchased plenty of gifts on Etsy, and I've seen lots of alluring things.  I know there are plenty of people out there who like the things I like and who are willing to pay money for the things, too.  It makes me sad to think of giving away these books, but, I don't need them, and someone else will be sure to take care of them, right?

My sister let me borrow her camera to take pictures of the books with.  I'll show you some of my favorites.  I've made a shop banner with Picnik.  It's kinda cheesy, yeah, but it definitely serves it's purpose.  And I made that button on the right hand side of the blog page, too, and relearned the HTML coding for it!  Hooray!

Direct Approach To Counterpoint In 16th Century Style circa 1947
Keys to Teaching Elementary School Music circa 1949
An Objective Psychology of Music circa 1953
So there you have it!  I'm sticking out neck seeing if anyone's going to grab up these beauties.  It'll be a good learning experience regardless.

As a final word, I love the term "circa."

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  1. Yay!! How exciting! Good luck with your selling!


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