Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love my church!

I was introduced to Four Corners Church through a newspaper article my mom showed me when I was searching for a church after coming back to Newnan from college.  The newspaper article was especially interested in the meeting place of this church.
It meets in a bar in downtown Newnan.

The first time I visited, I was blown away by Alex's preaching.  Then the next and the next Sundays I got to attend, well gosh he was still making Jesus come alive like I'd never seen Him before!  I kept going whenever I didn't have to work on Sunday mornings.  Sometimes when I did work Sunday mornings, I would leave right before communion so I could at least hear the preaching and be there for the music.

I always wanted to be more of a part of this place, though.  I felt like a visitor the whole eleven months I went there.  Then, one day at work, this guy who sang on the stage came in for an application.  I caught him at church the next Sunday, introduced myself, and I had someone like a friend at my church.  Through his invitation, I went to my first Gospel community group tonight, and I've made more friends (and I think I might have a Harry Potter 7.5 buddy).

But, gosh.  I was txting Caleb on my way home (I know, I was driving, but I was too excited to wait till I got home) about how wonderful it had been to be with Jesus' people again.  I love His people.  The discussing, the chatting, the eating, the laughing, the being together and being comfortable with each other, it was all so good and so refreshing to my soul.  I've realized that I don't just like this, I'm pretty sure I need this.  This Gospel-living community.  I need it.  And that's okay, because that's acutally how I've been designed.  Go figure, but God designed us to live in community with one another.

I could go on for a very long time about all this, but I'll stop after this.
I had a really awesome time tonight; it's so good to feel like a part of something good.
I love Jesus.
And I love His people.

from the Four Corners website
This is our church.

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