Friday, May 27, 2011

Not having anything to do makes me feel like not doing anything.

I don't like not having anything to do.

I wish I'd known how bored I would be at home without my job.  I did have great plans of getting things done, of exercising every day, and of being all-around productive with just a bit of laziness to help me enjoy the lack of having a job for a while.  I've given my dog a bath, I've cleaned out some cabinets, and that's about it.

Before I leave for Millie's the first of June, I will:
Clean out our old toy cubbies
Bake my dad a pie from scratch
Exercise... many times
Finish East of Eden (It's so good!)
Attack the skort I accidentally bought at a thrift store (I think I can convert it to a skirt.)
Get all those extra things from the toy cubbies and my dresser to Goodwill

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  1. Whew. I hear you! I am so bored and restless and I'm about to die to have you around.


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