Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obsession: The Avett Brothers

A came across a bunch of awesome photos of one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers on Pinterest, and I was repinning them all over the place.  Instead of annoying all the Pinterest users, I'll annoy you instead!

No really, these guys are awesome.

They sounded very harsh in my ears when I first them (which is very understandable considering the songs I'd heard most were the likes of "Die die die" and "Distraciton #74")   Millie played them all the time in the car, and, not having a car and us being good friends, I had to endure their sounds a good deal.  I'm so gad for Millie's persistence, though, and her invitation to their Augusta concert two Septembers ago.  It was taking me a long time to get used to their tornado of bluegrass, rock, and folk, but that concert made me an instant convert.

They're so much fun live.
Millie and I first heard songs from their album "I And Love And You" at that concert.  That was the turning point.  I love that album.  Love, love, love.  When I'm introducing others to their brilliance, I always start there.  It's a lot more gentler than their earlier stuff.  In fact, if you're curious, here's where you can listen to the whole album for free from their website!  Even further, here's a video Paige5461 uploaded of their performance of "January Wedding" from that very concert.  (I totally remember that drunk guy yelling around 3:06.)

And, did you know that Scotty was featured on Design*Sponge?!  How did I miss that?

Bob Crawford is the bomb diggity.
Image via The Wounded Jukebox via
They were featured in Southern Living as well!

Image by Art Maripol for Southern Living
Super awesome poster by Goodmorningvoice on Deviantart
Image via Popmatters
Ballin' print available on Etsy from srahchiarotdesign
This is my favorite picture of Bob Crawford I've ever seen.  (This set done for the Denver Post)
Check out more awesome shots at Todd Roeth Photography
And, I'm not much for wearing hearts, but this necklace makes me smile.
Sold on Etsy by luckyduct

"See, maybe it's a good thing I wasn't born a boy, because I'd just want to be an Avett brother, but I was born to you [Mom], so I'd be a... McKissick brother.  But instead, I'm a McKissick sister."
"I'm sure if the Avett brothers knew you, they'd want to be McKissick sisters."

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  1. Favorite! Thanks for letting me pound my likes into your head.

    Also, you can buy me that poster for my birthday. Um... my birthday is in May.

    (this post made me happy)


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