Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three things to be happy about

After doing some figuring with my bank account, I've learned that the worries I've been building about this summer, especially about the gas it'll take my sister and I to get from Georgia to Pennsylvania and back, can be set aside!  No more worrying.  Besides, I could always take an instrument and set up on a street corner, so, no need to worry ever!
I've began East of Eden again (to get the full effect, since I didn't finish it before), and I am in love!

I am also in love with this super cool guy I've been dating for four months yesterday!  Four months doesn't sound like all that long, but it's brought us so much further than where we were January, and I'm so very thankful for all of it.

Street sign art by the Canadian artist Peter Gibson
via Pinterest via ThisBlogRules


  1. Yay for being in love! It rocks ;) And I've never read East of Eden - I'm guessing that I should :P

  2. Seriously... East of Eden is one of my favorites. I love Steinbeck.

  3. glad to read you are happy!


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