Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yesterday was the first day of summer, friends!  Happy new summer!

I love this quote I found via Pinterest via this Typography blog!
Image: Kristian Cvecek via Daily Mail
Image via Pinterest via Tumblr

America's Got Talent - Favorite show of the summer!
Image via Wikipedia

Ice cream trucks!  They tour our neighboorhood in the summer.  Sister and I smile every time.
Image via Make Mine A Mojito

Fried Green Tomatoes!!  Mom makes the best!
Image via How Stuff Works

Image by Harley Haskett via Cup of Jo
The smell of sunscreen!  I love that smell.
Image via Tom Terwilliger's site

Sleeping with my window open - It's warm enough, and I love when the insects outside sing me to sleep.  It's reminiscent of the coquis that live in Puerto Rico.
Image via the Nature Sound Cd on  iOffer.com
Dragonflies and butterflies
Image via Imagine Childhood

Summer flowers like Queen Anne's Lace in the warm and hot sunshine
For sale as a 5x5 print on Etsy
And, of course, Humidity!  Summer means heat, stickiness, and sweat.
Image via MoonBattery

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