Monday, June 6, 2011

Zebra ears

I helped Millie and her parents move many of her things up to where her new home will be near Blacksburg, Virginia.  Friday night all of us were wondering where we'd find some delicious dinner when Sweeny (M's fiancee) told us about the highly recommended Lefty's restaurant.  We headed there, and I'd now like to add my recommendation to the long list!

Not only was the food wonderful, but the service was great.  Our waiter was a guy named Matt.  The first time he came and left our table, I looked over at Millie and Sweeny and told them, "Gasp!  He's just like Abed!"  Friend, if you've even seen a clip of that brilliant character from Community, you have a perfect idea of the speech, looks, and mannerisms of this fellow Matt.
Matt was walking by when Mrs. Amy was setting aside the onions from her burger on the table.  He noticed the onions, reached right around her to pick them up, and brisked away saying, "My family's very Italian.  We just do things."

We warmed up to him pretty quickly, and I think he enjoyed having us around.  He at least felt comfortable enough to say to us, "I don't remember why I came out here," when we saw him out by his car later.  We looked back and forth at each other, and he saved himself with, "Maybe it was to get these zebra ears."  Then he walked back to the restaurant with a set of zebra ears on his head.

When Millie and I asked if he'd take a picture with us, he readily agreed saying, "See?  I told you I wasn't normal."
He made us laugh a bunch.  Thanks, Matt!

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