Monday, July 11, 2011

Family time at the zoo!

One of the fun things from this past week was our family trip to Deer Park in Pymatuning, Pennsylvania!  My dad grew up in the area, see, and he used to go there on elementary school field trips.  He was excited to take us there, and we all ended up having a great time!

I got to feed and pet a red kangaroo!  Wallabies and kangaroos are super high on my favorite animal list.

Dangerous zebras

Unicorn!  So legit!

Yes, there is a stone called Adventurine, and, yes, I want to tile my floor with it. 

We saw black bears, Bengal and Siberian tigers, lions, lemurs, marmosets, pigs, fallow deer, cougars, monkeys, Scottish Highland cattle, and plenty of other interesting creatures.  I have always loved animals, learning about them, and getting close to them.  We got to feed many of them at Deer Park.  It was a blast.

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