Monday, September 5, 2011

Awesome blessings from today!

Today, I got the first album from Brock's Folly in the mail!!
This band is made of guys from my Alma Mater, and I know and love them all.  It's been a blast and an honor to be there from almost the beginning and to get to talk with these guys about their music, their hearts, and their faiths.  I'm ecstatic that they've come this far and that I get to listen to the beautiful fruits of their labor on my very own iPod as I grade papers at school or change trains on the subway.  I've been listening to them on my computer for the last hour, and I don't really want to go to sleep.  So I'm blogging instead so I can procrastinate and listen more.  Muaha.

Photo by my lovely and talented friend Sarah Becker
 For more photos and stories, allow me to gently yet enthusiastically direct you to Sarah Becker's documentation of these fine fellows.

Also from today, here's a little exchange between one of my students and I.
"Teacher.  My mom said to give this chocolate to class."
"Woah, Elizabeth.  Your mom sent us BROWNIES?!"
Those bites were more precious than I ever thought brownie bites could ever be.

Also, I know I say this often, but I have the best friends in the world.  If their love is any shadow of my God's (and it is), my heart is going to burst when I'm finally in His full presence!

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