Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh the titles I'm not using...

It's not everyday you see an X-Ray of your chest, so I'll share mine with you. Thank you, bizarrely thorough Korean health check!

Any observations?  Here are mine.
  • I totally lean to the left (your right), don't I?  That's gonna get worse, I bet.
  • You can see my boobs!  Sorry, but I didn't know how they would show up on an X-ray, and that is kind of cool, isn't it?
  • My lungs look cool.  They've been less than completely healthy for most of my life, but look at those guys!  Rock on, respiratory system!
Yes, this was taken for the health check I needed for my job at the Hagwon.   I also had the standard checks, the height and wight measurements, but then a chest measurement, too.  I've had to pee in a couple cups before, so that was only as strange as usual, but I also had a dental check up.  "No cavities!" the kind Korean dentist said.  Yep, that's me and my mouth.  Then there were also seeing and hearing tests...  Anyway, I guess I'm in good enough shape because I've gotten my alien registration card without any problem.

*Hagwon = a private English school in Korea