Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Best Kind of Procrastination

There's this one episode of Monk in which the main characters get trapped in a cave.  Monk and Sharona are trying to escape and are running out of ideas when Monk's cell phone rings.  He frantically flips it open and sputters, "Can't talk now, trapped in a cave..."
(Then Sharona grabs the cell phone, snaps at Monk, and calls the police for help.)

Well, I promise I'm not trying to be a tease, it's just that I was much busier than I expected I would be during these last few days and, during my three day weekend, I'm going to be off at the beach and swimming with sharks.  Seriously.  I'm finally going to swim with the sharks at the Busan Aquarium!  Check out my name (for a few more days) on the roster here!

Because I'm sure they'll change the roster once new groups are set up, I've taken a screenshot for the memory box.

Add this to the adventures I'll write about when I get back.
I said all this so that I could now say what I really wanted to say at the beginning: "Can't write now, I'm swimming with sharks..."

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