Friday, February 22, 2013

Thrifting and antiquing

My friends Sarah and Scout pinned this nifty thrifty site this week.  Literally thrifty, type your zip code in, and it will bring up a list of sponsored and regular thrift stores in your area.  I tried it with my area, and I found the address, phone number, and hours for nearly all the thrift stores I knew about in my town, plus may more nearby I'd never heard of.  It's definitely a great tool for those of us who like hunting for secondhand treasures.  Check out The Thrift Shopper for yourself!

My favorite thing about going to consignment shops is finding and looking at the neatest things.  I rarely buy things unless it's a piece of clothing I instantly fall in love with.  I've bought a vintage mustard yellow suitcase that I use a lot, but not much else besides clothes.  I've been close to buying prints of old maps, though, and other interesting things.

One time, Caleb and I saw a mounted buffalo head for sale in an antique shop.
Here are some other favorites I've recently found.

A huge golden belt buckle with cold weather animals around it

An ethereal light orchid evening gown

Blue mason jars

Just a cool cut of giraffe

And a mink wrap

I have a thrift shop date with a new girlfriend next Friday.  I'm looking forward to it.
By the way, what are the wildest things you've found in a thrift shop or antique shop?  There's some crazy stuff to be found out there.

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