Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Know what you get for Valentine's Day when you drop hints for 2 weeks about how you're out of chocolate?
Lindt, Dove, Hershey's, and Ghirardelli.That's what I'm talking about.
 For a great clearance price, I bought a sassy new dress for my hot date the night of Valentine's Day.  (I also wore Spanx for the first time.  They were a beast to put on, much more difficult than putting on regular tights and leggings, but once they were in place, I felt fine and looked great.)

The hot date was a dinner with Caleb at The Cellar in downtown Newnan.  With an appetizer of yummy conch fritters, Caleb had shrimp and grits, and I had my first steak in years. 

On Valentine's Day 2011, I was stressed over what to do for my brand new boyfriend who liked me a lot and who I was planning on dating for only two months more.  (That's a fun story.)  I baked him some of his favorite cookies, he gave me a lovely letter and some lotion, and we had no disasters.  Two years later, I'm more than in love with the same boyfriend and I was still anxious about what to do for Valentine's Day.

I decided to make him a card.
(I love craft times!)

These are pre-text pictures.  I attached the three card stock panels together by pasting a wide strip of regular paper to their backs so they could be folded over each other like a big card.  The planning started a couple weeks ago when I found the doilies in a closet and some old jeans in my dresser.  The outdoors pictures had been saved from a magazine I found in Korea because they reminded me of things Caleb and I would like to do together.  Then the Community valentines came from the official Tumblr which I follow.  Community is Our show, so they were instantly added as an addition to the plan.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and I'm so glad that I could be honest and sincere with the special things I wrote down.

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