Friday, March 29, 2013

For the love of the Arts

I have two videos for you today, my friends.

This first one was part of a campaign for America for the Arts.  It's only 30 seconds, so it's a good warm up for this post.  It's also brilliant and hilarious.

This next one I have to link to.  It's nearly 6 minutes, but it's worth it.  I nearly cried happy tears near the last quarter.  Watch here!

I have been volunteering with OM Arts, a missionary organization that works to put artists out on the mission field to use their crafts to minister to people.  It's been a blast, but it's been interesting working among people who are artists "for real."  Musicians "for real."  Painters "for real."  I'm the only one who's been sizing myself up against my colleagues, they're the humblest people around, and sizing myself up against them is just silly.

Today I was given an opportunity to stand up for what I think I am.  I was being introduced to a new member, and one of the old timers said, "And this is Lindsay.  Lindsay, what do you do?  Ah, administration?  But, you're an artist, too... aren't you?"  And then, right there, I felt kicked from behind toward claiming what I am/want to be.

"Yes.  Yes!  I am a writer.  And I am a dancer and a musician and a singer and an artist."
Yeah!  I said that!
And then I added, "Well, a I am an amateur at all of those things... but I do enjoy them."

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