Monday, April 29, 2013

Feel Good Movies

While I head of this idea a few years ago, I've been running more and more across the notion that we should be dealing with our souls with kindness.  Even besides treating ourselves, we should be taking time to recharge, and we should spend time doing things we enjoy.  It makes sense that this would help us be calmer, more focused, and just plain happier individuals.

I enjoy lots of things.  I like making art and music, and I like reading a lot.  I like coloring with crayons and redecorating my room and decluttering my closet.  I love laying on a towel in the grass with the sunshine.  Sometimes, though, the way I take care of myself is to look at or watch pretty things.  Pinterest is a quick fix, and movies are a longer, cozier treat.

Here are my top feel good movies for when I need something to help cheer me up.




I might have to include Julie and Julia, too, but it was Millie's favorite first, and I just copied her with that one.

What about you?  What are your favorite feel good movies?
(Extra challenge:  What is one thing you should take the time to do for yourself this week?  I will be taking time to read my "fun" book in the midst of all the premarital counseling reading I've been doing.)

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