Friday, September 27, 2013

First Week of Fall

My favorite season is here, and already I'm wishing for the warmer weather.  I've just become such a wimp after returning from the frigid winters of Korea.  Also, I have to wear business/business professional clothing for work, and I don't have that many warm separates to work with.  Looks like I'll be wearing tights under my pants for a while.

Still, when I don't have to wear work clothes, I do love the look and the coziness of bundling up.  I've been having trouble keeping my body heat up lately, but there are so many good things about autumn, I just have to make another fall-inspired picture round up of some favorites.

via Pinterest via CountryLiving

How beautiful is this caramel ombre?
via Pinterest : Source unknown

In my Korean neighborhood, we had this one park that had so many gingko and Japanese maple trees.  In the fall, the ginkgo turns yellow which looks amazing with the red Japanese maples.  I noticed that I have some ginkgos outside my work, and I can't wait for the leave to turn
Source unknown

"Ginkgo Leaves Fallen on Japanese Maple" by David Chappell via RedBubble

Here's another one; I can't help myself.
via Pinterest via MaryAnn Fink

Fingerless gloves (for just enough warmth) and roasted chestnuts.  I've never found roasted chestnuts in the States.  The only times I've had them have been from street vendors in Korea.  I love them, and I miss them.
Gloves available from MaruWool for $31.83 via Etsy

Ahhh, big warm sweaters.  I love them.
Available for $22 at SheInside

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