Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Small Story About Chocolate

Before I stepped out of the office to check the mail today, I put four quarters in my pocket.  Our mail room is right next to a CVS, and I was hoping to pick up a Reese's for the afternoon.  When I got to the candy aisle, though, all the chocolates were $1.19.  I felt like a sad little kid with 2 cents.  (When did Hershey's up their prices?)

I left the CVS still a little bummed out and headed back to the office through the building's food court.  There are a few other stores in the building, so I kept my eyes open for chocolate, and what did I find but a small candy stand I'd never noticed before!  I moved around the stand and came to the owner.  "Hello, is there any chocolate I can have for a dollar?  I only have four quarters."

The tall, pretty, nice lady showed me two chocolates I could have for one dollar!  And these chocolates were cooler than a Reese's, because these chocolates were straight from Russia!

Russian chocolate | Lindsay Eryn

That's all!  Just a small happy thing that happened this week.

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