Monday, April 28, 2014

New Favorite Online Store

My BFF Millie introduced me to ThredUp last month, and guys, it is great.

ThredUp is like one of the best thrift stores.  It's not going to have much of the funky, vintage, or  outrageous finds that I sometimes go to thrift stores for, but just listen to what it does offer.

ThredUp sells clothes online that are cheap, in excellent condition, and from designers you know.  It's kind of exactly what I've been waiting for!  Taking a look around the website will explain a little more about their process and standards, but I can tell you, you'll be impressed.  They sell brands like Ann Taylor, American Eagle, Gap, Express, Anthropologie, Free People, and Nike, and then really high end stuff, too, like Dolce and Gabanna and Giorgio Armani.  (I really enjoy switching the filter to show me the most expensive things in the shop and seeing how much of a discount ThredUp is selling the pieces at.)

Because Millie referred me, I got a $10 coupon for the shop, and I already made a purchase a couple weeks ago.  If you'd like $10 off your first purchase, too, you can sign up through any of the ThredUp links on this post, and the coupon will be ready for you when you are!

thredup clothes for work
My first ThredUp purchase!  I'm mega pleased with all of them!

What do you think?  See anything you like?  Would you buy designer clothes online?

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