Thursday, June 26, 2014

I've Upgraded to an iPhone

I made the smartphone switch.  I finally joined Caleb's plan, and I went from an old, old LG flip phone to a white iPhone 5c.  Not even four months in, I broke the screen when I dropped it on the asphalt, so Caleb bought a new screen and got a fun crash course in screen repair, and I got to choose a case (I hadn't been using one before).

There are a lot of pretty things out there to put on your phone.  I wish that the ones that looked cool also kept your phone safe, but that's not always how it works.  I ended up choosing the Survivor case from Griffin (and got it for less than $20, thanks to Amazon!), but here were the runner ups.

Carved iPhone cases made from real wood
These are two beautiful cases from Carved.  I would have loved to have gotten the one on the left, but I didn't think the case would hold up against how rough I am with my phones.
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Black Oterbox case over a blue iPhone 5c
The invincible OtterboxCustomizable and sure to keep my phone safe, but pricier than other options, and it doesn't have much character, in my opinion.

Griffin survivor and identity over a pink iPhone 5c
Here on the left is the case I actually got.  Survivor from Griffin.  I like the assymetrical open notch for the camera on the back, but it was the extra rubber at the corners that finally convinced me.  On the right is a similar one that got my attention because of how sleek it is, Identity.

A fox iPhone case
Then there's this one.  KaZoo in Fox from Griffin.  I showed it to Caleb right away, and we laughed about how funny it would be to use it.  If I still lived in Korea, I'd feel more comfortable using this case, but Caleb said, "Oh you should definitely get it, and be sure to use it when we go to your boss's dinner parties!"  And that's the whole point of this post: I really wanted to share that funny moment.  :)

Hope you're having a beautiful day!  I plan to write about more than phone cases soon, I promise, but I've been enjoying some lazy evenings lately.

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