Friday, December 1, 2017

Recommended with December

Happy December, friends!  Once again it is time to break out the festive music, the warm drinks, the evergreen trim, and the lights.  (There are never enough lights.)  For me, this is another busy holiday shopping time as I work at an outfitter in town.  We're in the business of selling cold weather clothing and gear, so it's going to be hopping.  I'll be traveling to Charlotte at the end of the month for a family gathering, and I've already started planning how to enjoy the meantime.  I'm expecting (hoping!) to drink a half pint of eggnog by myself, make baklava with my mother-in-law, bask in the beauty of advent at church, and spend as much time snuggling with Caleb and Mako as possible.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday, whichever and however many you celebrate!  May these links add a little extra happy to your first day of December...

Winter cuteness

Let's not forget the most precious holiday commercial ever.  I'm not crying, you're crying!

Beautiful!  Snowflakes under a microscope

Remember to take extra care of yourself, including your mental health, during the wintertime.  Here are 8 toxic beliefs people often think are normal to look out for.

I found this podcast episode on the egalitarian themes in the relationship between Mary and Joseph, which I found very interesting.  It doesn't say everything there is to say, it's very focused and biased, but if you've been a part of the Christian church at any time, I think you'll appreciate the new perspective.  Plus, it's only 15 minutes long!

If you're still hunting for some gift giving ideas, check out this Myer's Briggs-themed guide for the people in your life.  I'm an INFJ (sometimes I test as an ENFJ, though), Caleb's an INTJ, and I think this is pretty spot on.

Related: If you're leaning more toward minimalism this gift-giving season, join the club and take a peek at these two inspiration guides.  (Some of the most appreciated gifts I've given have been butterfly earrings from here, by the way.)

But of course we all agree on what the very best present is...

When I visited Norway last December, I saw a lot of winter decor that looked like this and this, and I hope I'll get to try something like this in my home this year.

And a question for you - what are your favorite songs for holiday times?  What should I add to my playlist of music to taste this month?


  1. a) I love the Myers-Briggs gift guide! I am INFJ too and I'm curious - the gift from you S.O. was basically quality time, which is spot on for me, because quality time is my love language. Is it yours too? I wonder/I would bet there's a connection between MB Type and love languages. It makes sense to me.
    b) Music! I'm sure you already know Sufjan Steven's Christmas music, but just in case, Christmas in the Room is my all time favorite Christmas song, and his (very different) version of Angels We Have Heard On High is absolutely gorgeous. Also, Andrew Bird's version of Auld Lang Syne is bluegrassy and great.

    1. Oh wait, yes, I do know "Christmas in the Room!" "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!" is my very favorite of his. It's so beautiful.

  2. a) I'm all about those words of affirmation, actually, but I've been needing more quality time as I've grown a bit older. Caleb's big on time and touch, and his favorite thing is when we can cuddle and just chill.

    b) I really like Sufjan's Christmas music! I haven't heard that song yet, though, and I'm excited to check those out. (I'm queuing them up right now.) Thank you for the recommendations!


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