Friday, April 27, 2018

Recommended with April

I'm not sure you hang out with in real life, but if you're around any Southerners, you probably hear them complain about the back and forth spring weather every year.  But this year!  This year, it's been wilder than usual.  Chaco weather, then 30 degrees, then shorts and Chacos again, and back to "where's my parka?"  I've heard it better said that we're dealing with "global wierding" rather than "global warming," and I'm becoming more and more of a believer.

Anywhere, here's a peppy, fun, girl-power song to encourage the peppy, fun weather to stick around!  I found it on a Spotify playlist they put out on International Women's Day, and this song is more family friendly than these two others I came across on the playlist and can't stop listening to, either... they're just so catchy!  Anyway, I hope you like at least one of these (let me know in the comments!) and if not, check out the playlist to listen to women from around the world and find something new.

For starters, here is some beautiful and deep encouragement for your week.

This new system could help you read at crazy speeds.

Can't decide between two movies?  Try a blend of both!  Date Night Movies gives you a third option that finds the middle ground.  I think this app is brilliant.

It's a dramatic title, but it's not inaccurate.  Take a look at this post about how buying one thing can change ruin life.

Check out these retro posters for US national parks, I love them!  Remember the retro NASA posters, too?

I didn't get to see the Northern Lights when I was in Norway, but watching this video almost makes up for it.

There are a lot of things I'd recommend to every woman, but just one for now, get a bra that fits.  (Spoiler alert: you're probably not wearing a bra that fits right now.)

And your happy gif of the week: A dog waiting for the ice cream man

This lady started a lovely flower truck business in Nashville!  How charming.

No, this is the craziest birth story.  (told in Twitter thread format)

A delightful adventure to find a mysterious point on a map, told through Twitter.

Check out these beautiful floral creations.  Not quite the same as a flower truck, petals are used to create all kinds of beautiful scenes.  My favorites: FirebirdGeishaStag, and Quail Family.

Have a lovely weekend!

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