Saturday, November 14, 2009

Human Moment #58

I was walking up the stairwell last night. These two fellas were acting a little silly, and I made eye contact with one of them. We both laghed a little at how silly they were. So I said, "What's your name?
A: Ash..ojoid
L: Ash-what?
A: Astral.
L: Astral? Woah! I love that name! I wish my name was Astral! (I really do like that name a lot.)
A: Really? Well, maybe you could be Astral II.
L: Yeah. Or I could be AstrA.
A: Yeah. Ok, Astra!
L to R: And what's your name?
R: Rashad.
L: Ah, that's cool.
R to A : Oh, she doesn't want my name...
L: Well, I already changed my name once today, give me a break!
A: Haha... See ya, Astra!
L: Bye, Astral, Rashad!


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