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I blog to share the things I learn on my journey to truly value the best and most beautiful things in life.  Here you'll find movement, change, vulnerability, and conversation, and I'd love to share it all with you.  Come explore with me!

About Me

I'm married, have an adopted and adorable hound mix puppy, and love to travel.  (I've been to 17 countries!)  Here are some other big-deal things that influence who I am

  • I grew up in a Fundamentalist Baptist Christian environment and have shifted away from  Evangelical doctrine but have found a new, beautiful way to relate to God.  It still involves Jesus, but I haven't found a label for it yet.
  • I love the outdoors, especially forests.  This has led me to hiking, camping, foraging, and having way too many a lot of houseplants.
  • Most of my career has been in operations management and office administration, but as of spring 2018, I'm transitioning to being a UX Designer!

About this blog

I originally started this blog years ago to share stories, but it's morphed into a place where I get to share much more.  I'm on a never-ending journey to better myself in body, soul, and mind, and a lot of what I've learned gets shared here.

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Just for kicks, I love...

Eating: butter, ice cream, cheese, kimchi, Japanese ramen, mushrooms, crab legs
Doing: reading dystopian novels, wearing long skirts, dancing, learning or creating alphabets, playing piano
Discussing: better ways to do things, the Enneagram, culture, feminism, Korea, cooking tricks, which puppies are the best puppies (pics or it didn't happen)
Other happy things: high fives, sunshine, daffodils, cyan, star maps, driving a manual car, and foxes



You can email me by clicking here or sending a message to lindsayeryn {at} gmail.
I'm also available on Twitter @LindsayEryn if you want to drop just a quick line.

Last updated : September 24, 2018