Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer Nail Art Round Up

I wanted to share some of my different manicures from the summer.  I post them on Instagram, but here they are with the details listed.

I started doing my nails in 2011, started to get creative in 2012, and started to get crazy in 2014.  (One time I spend $80 in one month on new nail stuff.  I'm a little ashamed.)  If you have any questions about anything you see or if there's something you'd like me to try, just shout.  And if you're in Atlanta, I'd love to do your nails!  Drop me a comment or email!

Tigers, butterflies, and sushi!  Some nail art from this summer  |  Lindsay Eryn

Friday, September 26, 2014

Recommended with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

A while back when we were working really hard to save money, Caleb found a recipe for homemade teriyaki sauce.  It called for sake, but that wasn't in the budget, so he did some research and decided to use mirin instead.  Mirin is a rice wine similar to sake, and you can buy it at Asian markets and probably elsewhere, too, just not at the Howell Mill Kroger, we checked.  Anyway, this cheap version of the sauce is awesome, and we both love having it on our teriyaki chicken and rice.

(If you do have sake, just split the 4 tbs of mirin into 2 tbs of mirin and 2 tbs of sake.  You could also try subbing agave nectar in for the honey.  Let me know if you try it!)

Easy peasy Japanese-y Teriyaki Sauce!  |  Lindsay Eryn

To make some excellent teriyaki chicken, combine all the sauce ingredients and poor over thawed chicken thighs laid in a hot cast iron skillet.  Cook on medium high until the chicken is done and the sauce is thick.  Sometimes our chicken gets a little crispy on the edges.  We like it that way.


 Recommended with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce...

AAH!  Royal Dutch Airlines has an awesome new way to return your missing luggage! (via More Awesomer)

I found this girl's beautiful multimedia artwork, and I have to share!  Here's her Etsy store.

If you live near or are going to visit Atlanta, you have got to check out bartaco.  They have locations in Connecticut and New York, too!  Check out my review here for all the delicious details.

Check out this girl's social/fashion experiment.  She dressed up 4 different ways and posted her pics to OKCupid.  (via Yes and Yes)

Wanderlust Exposed.  I don't always like to admit it, but this Darling Magazine article is right.

So this girl crocheted her own wedding dress while riding the bus, it cost $30, and it's gorgeous!  She talked a bit more about her story here.

Beautiful underwater photography by Elena Kalis of her daughter, Sacha

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hanging Planter Inspiration

I love-love-love plants.  Inside plants and outside plants.  My parents' house is nestled in the perfect Southern wood with ferns everywhere, and it's one of my most precious places.  My parents will be moving next year, so I won't be able to visit my precious place anymore, but instead of being super sad about it, I've decided to try and bring some of the ferns from the woods into my apartment.  What I really want to do is make some hanging planters for them.  I think seeing my childhood ferns hanging from the ceiling would be so cool and pretty!  My ideal is something that looks simple and clean and that doesn't involve any macrame.  Lucky for me, lots of other people have the same idea!

Minimalist and modern hanging planter inspiration:

Minimal hanging planter DIY inspiration | Lindsay Eryn

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PSA: $14.99 for the most comfortable heels

Ladies!  The most comfortable heels I've ever worn are now on sale at Payless!  If you've been looking for some pumps that you can wear all day, to work and to dinner, you definitely want to try these out.  I never knew heels could be this comfortable, and I want to spread the good news.  From today to next Monday, these bad boys are half off!

The most comfortable heels and pumps on sale at Payless!

Check out the sale here!


Do you have any go-to heel recommendations?  What do you think of these from Payless?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Organization Tips : Introducing Trello

I usually go for pen and paper when I need to make lists, but my friend Sarah Becker recently mentioned Trello, and I wanted to see if it would work for me.  Turns out, I had some great new research to categorize and share with Caleb, and Trello has been the perfect medium.  See my first board (and a very special announcement) below!

Using Trello boards for the first time | Lindsay Eryn
You can interact with this board by clicking here.  FYI, this is currently an active board, so expect some changes from this picture.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Recommended with Asian-Spiced Meatballs and Noodles

This is one of my very favorite dishes!  I made it on Tuesday, and can't get enough of it.  The recipe is very easy and quick to make, and it's got noodles in it, so it's an immediate winner with me.  The sauce is actually my favorite part of the dish.  It tastes so good, I almost always overeat when I make this!  Here's the recipe from Bev Cooks!

Quick and easy Asian-inspired dinner recipe from Bev Cooks
Picture and Recipe for Asian-spiced meatballs with noodles from Bev Cooks

I've used two different kinds of noodles with this recipe.  Japanese soba noodles have a softer bite than spaghetti and are pretty slippery, so the sauce doesn't stick well.  Korean glass noodles have a strange texture to most American palates, but the sauce sticks to them like glue.  Let me know if you try it!

Recommended with Asian-Spiced Meatballs and Noodles...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Lace Project Inspiration

To be honest, lace isn't typically my style, but I've found some subtle ways to bring it into my life that I really like.  Take this cuff, for example.  I think it's beautiful, and I love how I can make my own and completely customize it.  Here's the tutorial at Verily Mag!

DIY delicate lace bracelet tutorial
Tutorial at Verily Magazine

Looking through the tutorial gives me a lot of ideas.  What if I fixed two bands together?  What if I sewed on small beads or jewels?  What if I used thin lace or wide lace or fastened it with a button?  I've used lace trim before for a few projects (here and here, sorry for the poor photo quality), but I had never thought that fabric stiffener could open up so many possibilities.  Like this!

Here's some more subtle lace project inspiration...