Friday, October 23, 2015

Our First Family Camping Trip!

The last weekend of September, Caleb and I made our way north to Fort Mountain State Park, claimed a site among the campgrounds, and set up our first Lindsay + Caleb camping trip!  We brought food for meals, eno hammocks for sleeping, and tarps and tent poles for shelter.  We also brought the dog, who was hyper-alert the entire weekend and was exhausted by the end of the vacation.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Being an adult

image by Curious Bino via Unsplash
Growing up, I didn't have many friends my age.  I tended to hang out with the adults around me at school or at church, and when I thought about what it was like to be a grown up, I thought of freedom.  They could do what they wanted, they had interesting jobs, and they were far away from the awkward puberty years.  Now that I'm 27 and well beyond those rose colored glasses, I see that there are a lot of great, fun, and cool things that come with being an adult, but there is a lot more to being a grown up than just doing what you want.

 During one of our quiet but busy afternoons, my colleague was doing a bit of thinking out loud and gave the most concise definition of being an adult I've ever heard.

Being your own parent and monitoring yourself.  That's what being an adult is.

There have been days where I eat way more ice cream than the recommended portion size, and you know what?  It's not the end of the world.  I haven't gained a noticeable amount of weight from it (yet).  Really, taking the liberty to splurge occasionally isn't going to harm anything, just like spoiling a child every once in a while won't ruin their character.  But moderation, truly, is key.  And balance.  And knowing when you've had enough.  Stepping up to yourself when you have to.  Saying no when you really want to do something that's not good for you or others.  Dealing with the consequences of your decisions, sometimes alone.

It's kind of a funny concept, being the kid and the parent wrapped into one person, and I know that inner dynamic doesn't go away just because an adult has their own kid, either.  From what I've seen, all adults get to keep that tension for as long as they live.  I do think those who live longer may realize that it's worth it to allow yourself to be the kid more often than not.  Maybe that means I'm trying to get a head start on aged wisdom, then, when I have that second helping of ice cream.


What does it mean to you to be an adult?  What are some expectations you've had to readjust?  I'd love to hear in the comments!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Little Window into my Marriage

Last night, while Caleb worked on a project, I got bored and decided to put together a little comic showing the story of my married life.  It's entirely silly (though also entirely true), and I was much more pleased with it than I expected to be.  Therefore!  I'm sharing it with you here!

I was able to edit all photos with the Studio app on my iPhone, by the way.  It's completely free and has a ton of tools for adding personality to your pics.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trying out PRO Beauty Tools' Iridescent Curling Iron

After mentioning my PRO Beauty Tools hair dryer in a post this past summer, the company got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to review their iridescent curling iron, as well.  Of course I said sure!  I've actually been wanting to see that I could do with a curling iron for a while, so PRO Beauty Tools was most welcome!  The representative I spoke with assured me that, even though I'm a complete curling novice, this tool would be the one for me.  I finally got to try things out this week, and here I am to share my findings!

Pro Beauty Tools curling iron review

Friday, September 25, 2015

Recommended with "Happiness"

One fun thing before I start with recommendations, one of my blog posts was featured on Pro Flowers' blog this week!   I'm always honored when someone notices my work and shares it with others.  I'm so glad the folks at Pro Flowers enjoyed reading about my Japanese dinner party!


This time, for your listening pleasure, I want to share "Happiness" by J√≥nsi and Alex.  This is one of those painfully beautiful songs, to me.  The kind that wraps and grips something deep within you so tightly, and you don't even really know where it's coming from, but it brings you to tears.  Ugh, this music.

And for the rest of our links...

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Fundamental Rule for a Minimalist Wardrobe

Back when I was teaching my Korean students about how to take care of the planet and about The Three R's, we often went of the best way to stop the trash cycle: REDUCE.  Basically, if you use less to begin with, then you're wasting less, throwing away less, spending less, and worrying about less.  All of this translates perfectly to what I understand of the minimal lifestyle and minimal wardrobe, as well.
Rule #1 for maintaining a minimalist wardrobe
Photo by Chelsea Francis, via Unsplash

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Responding to the Refugee Crisis

On my way to work a couple weeks ago, I heard the breaking news of the truck found on the side of the road in Austria with  bodies of refugees inside.  I had caught bits and pieces of the refugee crisis before, but with this new wave of realization, hearing of these people who had been seeking safety left dead and disgraced, it brought on the compassion human suffering should arise in all of us.  The next week, the photos of the drowned refugee boy went viral.  A week after that, I talked with my husband about the crisis and how there's hardly anything we can do to help.  

A Syrian refugee girl in a temporary Hungarian camp
Photo by Michael Cassel via Vice News