Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memorable customers

Yesterday, I told a 67-year old man that, no, I have to slide your card up here at my register for credit instead of in the card reader pad which was asking for his PIN.  He actually told me, "Whatever.  I'll just do debit."

Twice this afternoon, customers said to me, "Let me ask you a question," and I answered, "Deep fried!"  We laughed.

A middle aged dude commented on how some coupon wasn't working.  I told him it was just me being mean to people.  He told me, "You don't have a mean bone in your body."  I judo chopped his collarbone to prove him wrong.  No, I'm kidding; I smiled instead.  We actually had a fine time.

We found Michael Jackson's greatest hits on one of the computers we sell.  Naturally, we turn that up and the (lame) store music down so that we can enjoy ourselves a bit more.  This is awesome.

Today I saw one lady slightly grooving to the MJ music, one man start singing along, and one mother make her baby dance.  This is awesomer.


  1. As much as I know your job is not your favorite, these stories make me want to work at your job with you.

  2. Me too, actually :)

    And I sortof wish that you had judo chopped him. Speaking of judo chopping, have you seen the "Kung Fu Hillbilly - Training video" on youtube? I think you'd like it.


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