Friday, April 8, 2011

Avocado smoothies

Yes, I made another green tasty drink!

Avocado Smoothies!

Emma pinned this on Pinterest, and I was intrigued but apprehensive.  I find it as a mini life mission to try anything and everything avocado, though, so I whipped this up yesterday afternoon for my mom and I!  (She'd brought home some extras from a recent Savannah excursion.)

Here is the recipe from Cakie's.  It's perfect.

[January 22, 2013 edit]
[Cakie's has redone her website and that pin has been removed on Pinterest, so I'm including a screenshot of the recipe I used from Cakie's.]

[Edit over]

Guys.  Really.  You should try this.  As long as avocados don't make you gag, you should try it.  The consistency is so rich and creamy.  The thickness has more body than regular milkshakes.  It was more of a heavy smoothie, the homemade kind with yogurt or ice cream.  I was feeling full after just half a mug.

But of course I finished the whole thing.

It felt so wrong blending avocados with sugar.  So wrong.

 The avocado I had was perfect, too.  Just the right ripeness, fragrance, and buttery taste.


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