Saturday, June 9, 2012

Judy Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

This is what was staring up at me from one of the lunch trays last month.

I know it's hard to tell in this picture, I only had my iTouch that day, but these are dried who
le fishes mixed with some nuts.  This was one of our side dishes for lunch.  I abstained.

I dished out the familiar and safe rice and soup and sat down thinking about the fish.  I thought about all the strange things I'd eaten before.  Live octopus, kimchi, seaweed in different forms... and I'd eaten fish before.  Surely this couldn't be too terrible.  Or, at least I shouldn't be as scared of it as I was.

I walked back over to the food dishes and peered in at the fish.  I picked one up with my chopsticks and asked Bridget Teacher what they tasted like.  Just normal?  Hm...  I looked at the fish.  I brought it closer to my mouth, but then I stopped.
Judy, one of my students, had been watching the whole thing.  She'd been encouraging me with, "Teacher, fish is good!  Fish is yummy!"  Once she saw me balk, she figured I'd taken enough time to warm up to the fish.  She got out of her chair, resolutely walked up to me, and shoved my chopsticks into my mouth along with the fish.
And that was that!
The fish wasn't gross.  I don't care for them one bit, but I didn't gag or anything.  I'm really glad I tried it.  Food isn't something I like being scared of.  I'm also really glad Judy realized I needed help.  Ha!

Don't be fooled, this girl means business.


  1. That is so funny! I love hearing stories about your students - I wish I could come visit your class for a day or two. I think I would like to send your class a postcard!

  2. I'm glad you like them, the stories. I like telling them. ^^
    And, if you happen to make it out here, you are totally welcome to visit our class! :D


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