Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is Still a Personal Blog, Right?

While times of emotional distress are not the best environments for drafting focused blog posts, in an effort to maintain a respectable level of consistency, I am compelled to write Something.

The respective importances of certain topics wave up and down in times like these. That's my explanation for what's coming next...

Hagwons (학원are evil. Mostly. And I will write further in a further time.

I am very glad I love children and that children love me. While I certainly do not put the burden of my well being on them, I am grateful for how they take it upon themselves to save me in small and secret ways almost daily.

I find it very agreeable that I have a Korean comfort food that's never far away.

While I've had many occasions to wonder about how much I love God, it has become more clear to me, through the people with whom He has surrounded me , just how much He loves Me these last 2 weeks. For this I am humbly thankful.

Just in case anyone thought I had it all together or that I had it all exciting over here in Korea, "[life] don't need an airplane to chase you down."
I don't want to give the appearance that I have it all together.  That is never true.

Christus Victor