Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Simple printable calendars for 2017

For me, each new year brings around the search for the perfect calendar.  My tastes have gotten more and more specific: beautiful, simple and clean WITH space for writing in appointments AND come as free online printables.  (Why pay if you don't have to, you know?)  It's not as easy to find the likes of these around the internet these days, but if your aesthetic is similar to mine, you're going to love the four I've found!

#1 life in eight - This blog also shares free weekly planner printables.

#2 Foreign Rooftops - The author does require you to subscribe to her newsletter to download the calendar printables, but I consider that worth it.  This one's my favorite of the bunch!

#3 ink+volt - This is the calendar I've printed for myself, just because of the extra space it has for writing.  I did edit the downloadable pdf, though, to take off some of the branding and clutter around the edges.  The calendars are downloadable in 3-month increments, and there's also a printable goal planner worksheet.

#4 Alice & Lois - You have to write in the numbers for each month, but that means you can use this same template next year again without having to search for a new printable!  There's also a handy To Do List section on the right of each of the landscape pages.  (I might switch to using this one in the spring.)

Have you come across any other minimalist calendars to add to the mix?  Did I miss any?  Let us know in the comments, and I hope the rest of your January is lovely.

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