Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pinterest and Korea

Ok, guys, I have begun something with South Korea.  I recently made a friend (crazy story, I should tell you sometime) who just left to teach ESL in Korea for the second time.  She highly recommended this recruiting agency, Footprints, and I registered with them and we started talking.  My plan was, from the beginning, to be placed in a private school (I've heard good things about them vs. not hearing much about public schools), and I was kinda bummed when they told me how few open private school positions there would be for next term.  They suggested checking into public school positions or private school positions in Georgia or Japan.  (The Georgia option was quickly ruled  out by a friend concerned with my safety.)  I emailed Footprints today telling them that I'd liek to go ahead with the process of getting with a public shcool in Korea, and there's always the possibility that a private school job will open up later.  (I also might be able to get a position at a Korean school where one of my other friends works now, but that's not certain yet.)  Their reply came minutes later:

"That sounds good.  When are you free for a telephone interview?"


I all of a sudden got really nervous and really excited, and I'm on the edge of my seat thinking that my cell phone's going to ring any second!  Isn't this awesome?!  Things are going to start rolling, friend!  Like, I'm FOR REAL going to go teach ESL!  For a year!  In Asia!  Aw, this is awesome.

So there you have it.  :)

I'm kinda happy.

I was introduced to Pinterest by this chica about a month ago, and it's already become a staple for my organization and inspiration.  It's very clean and streamlined, and you don't have to get involved with other people's pins if you don't want to, which is nice.  I've been using it to keep track of recipes, possible bridesmaid dresses, DIY projects, and tattoo ideas, among other things.  Here's my corner of Pinterest.  (It's inundated with bridesmaid dress possibilities right now.)

I totally recommend Pinterest.  Do let me know if you guys join: I'd love to see what things you love!

Pinterest Board Demo

Pinterest Board Demo
Image: screenshots of my Pinterest boards


  1. Yeah!!!!
    I'm so excited for you!
    Keep us updated, please :)

  2. Heyyy so. I am looking at teaching English. In Korea, actually. Can we email about some stuff? :)

    1. Absolutely! My email is lindsayeryn at gmail. Looking forward to chatting with you!!


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