Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's next.

Congratulations, your file has been transferred to the Placement Department at Footprints Recruiting for potential placement in Korea.

To do list:
  • Master Korean vowels (I got the 14 consonants already.)
  • Scan original degree and get it notarized with an Apostille  (yeah, I still don't know what that is...)
  • Get a state level criminal background check with Apostille
  • Get fingerprints done at the local jail
  • Request (and pay for) an authenticated FBI background check
  • Obtain two signed reference letters
  • Scan passport photo page
  • Fax the Footprints waiver form
  • Call Footprints to get a voice sample (My broadcasting skills are shivering in expectancy.)
  • Review and learn TESL techniques and stuffs
  • Learn how Korean syllables are written (Consonant(s) +  vowel always?)
  • Continue to work spicier foods into my diet (Least favorite task for sure)


  1. Hahaha!!! I think it's so funny that the thing you're dreading is spicy food.

    Why dontcha try eating foods that are both sweet and spicy? They don't burn as much as salty and spicy. I recommend summer fruit salsa (Medium is pretty spicy, but it usually has yummy mango or pineapple or peach!) and red Thai curry (I like panang) which can be reeeally spicy, but it's based in coconut milk so that mellows it out. That way you can ease in before hitting the big leagues :)

  2. Hooray! I'm so so pleased!

    We can eat spicy food in June if you like. Or we can eat absolutely NO spicy food to give you a break before you head off.


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