Saturday, August 6, 2011

Challenges and Truth

This week's challenges:

I have come from a very sheltered and safe and untroubled life within my family and my schools to an environment where I am surrounded by people who don't believe nor act the same way that I do.  My first week in Korea, I was craving the fellowship of the brethren.  Going to church for the first time here was an overwhelming experience, and I wanted to cry from the beauty of the community.  I get to go again tomorrow, but, throughout the week, I keep seeking encouragement, challenges, and affirmation.  Here is the result.

photo by Zach Ahern
As women, it seems we’ve reached the heights of equality. But, what’s really happened is that our prisons were simply relocated. Chained no longer to husbands and children, we are slaves to sexuality.
 Be a part of breaking the chains!

I hope that every time we say, "Sex before marriage is harmful," we’ll say, “Sex after marriage is neon awesome.”
Be a part of the cure for the widespread confusion Christians have about sex.

via Etiquette for a Lady
Every billboard seemed to scream at me, "You will never be sexy enough, you will never attractive enough, you will never have enough money - I will sell you this lifestyle if it's the last thing I do." It's convincing, but what Hollywood doesn't know is that I'm driving home to my inbox full of women who have been destroyed by the lifestyle that those billboards and reality TV shows have been selling. 
Remember who you are.  You are the Lord's.

Many of us want to do something awesome, something epic. We tend to think that the more normal, the less “spiritual.” So it is quite possible that our aspirations to be radical stem from dangerous ambitions to perform biography-worthy feats of global glory.
Don't buy into romanticizing global missions and don't fall to discontentment with your local mission field.

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